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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Bad Trip!

Well, first trip of the year (it is January) to the UK, for Jessica and Tim's birthday. The cheapest way there at the moment, is Alicante to East Midlands, but 'boy' the 6am flight is no fun. We had to get up at 2am, leave here by 2:30 to get to the airport in plenty of time to check in my suitcase. (Being winter, I needed more clothes than usual!)

I arrived in time, then got a message from Timothy, that he had been held up in traffic. 'Not a problem', I texted back, as the carousel still wasn't going around yet, with my suitcase. Then he asked me which terminal I was in. Ah, another mix-up like Alicante (I thought) now more than one arrivals terminal. As I didn't know, I just told him to head for arrivals. A few minutes later, and I was strolling outside. No sign of Tim yet, so I called him again. Perfect, he could pick me up and we cpould get away without paying any parking fees. "Where are you?" "Nearly there. Just coming in now. I can see the sign Birmingham Internation Airport and some big red cranes. Where are you?" I carefully looked behind me, for the red cranes, when the alarm bell went off. Birmingham? No! Oh yes. Poor Tim had got up at the crack of dawn, and gone to the wrong airport.

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