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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Let There Be Light

When out shopping recently, we spotted some new lights for the front gate posts. What a bargain, we thought! Ed undid the previous ones (which worked, but lit up the sky, not the gate) and fitted the new ones. BANG. The main house fuse blew. Not a problem, wait a minute and re-set. adjust the wires. BANG. Again. And again, and again. Then the (electric) gates stopped working too, and Ed had to climb over them to get back in! Finally, we called out an (English) electrician who said that we would have to dig up the drive and find the splitter box, then he would come back and fix it. Hmmm. sounding expensive and unnecessary. Sure enough, the next day, Ed tried again, and this time wired the lamp up 'incorrectly' and everything works perfectly! Spanish electrics!!

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