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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Fallas - Xativa

John came up to see us on Wednesday 18, so that he would be able to see the Fallas on 19th. Although they have a few examples in Alicante, there is nothing like the amount we have here, nearer Valencia.

On 19th, I took him into Xativa - Ed and I having already seen the displays a few days before. John was very impressed at the amount of work that had gone into the statues - just to set fire to them!

We also watched the Mascetas (fireworks) which we thought were due to start at 2pm. As this was the final day, they actually started at 3pm - so we (and many others) had a very long wait! Much to our disgust, a 'mature' Spanish couple shoved in, in front of us, so we no longer had a good view. In my poor Spanish, I managed to complain, but they quite obviously didn't think they had done anything wrong! However, 2 tall determined Brits soon made them rather uncomfortable, and we got a good view in time for the main event! John was shell-shocked!

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