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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sad News

I know it is a little while since I added something to the blog, but we (specifically Eddie) had some sad news recently.

On Thursday 9th July, we received a phone call, that Ed's mum had taken ill, and was being taken into hospital. We finally discovered tht she had gone into Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, but we didn't know exactly what was wrong, until the results of tests had been received.

A night of worry ensued, and then a series of phone calls led us to the Doctor declaring that she may well rally, but Ed ought to visit as soon as possible. I quickly booked a flight for him for Saturday, but within minutes of booking the flight, we heard that she had passed away. Thankfully, David had been to see her, and at the time of passing, Val, who has looked after her, was with her.

Ed then spent the next two weeks running around, clearing the house, sorting out paperwork etc. I was able to join him in time for the funeral and we both returned to Spain on Sunday 26th July. A very sad time, although not totally unexpected.

Rosetta Bramley R.I.P. 8th September 1926 - 10th July 2009 Aged 82

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