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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fancy Seeing You Here

I got an email from Tina, saying she was in Spain on holiday, about an hour or so from us. That was as good an excuse as any for having a trip to the seaside. We had a nice day out, then headed off for her urbanisation. A combination of sat-nav, map and written instructions, and at 5 mins to 7, we were just 5 minutes away from them (allegedly). Perfect. Follow the road signs up the hill to the estate, and there was the information centre, as described. But, it was on the right, not the left. Hmm. Follow the instructions, but something seems wrong. Go back to the information office and try again. No. Something very wrong. Ring Tina. Voicemail. Try again. No connection. Go back to information office and call again. Success - sort of, but my phone ran out of credit before we had finished the conversation! Use Ed's phone, but it's ok - she's on the way... It turned out that the urbanisation is so large, there is an information office at each end of the estate, and we (of course) were at the wrong one.

So, we arrived rather late for a lovely barbeque with her and had a great time. We told her about the market at Cocentaina, and sure enough, we met up again (twice) amongst all of those people the next evening.

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