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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Stairway to ...

At the front of the house, we have inherited the world's worst built steps! Every step is a different width and not particularly square to the house! The bank at the side of the house has no definition, so soil is always falling onto the steps, without the help of Paddy or Max.

So, time to build a wall... another one...

Ed has built a staged retaining wall, giving both the steps and the garden better definition. The wall will be rendered and then painted white, and the steps will be finished off (and squared off) with the same slabs that we have laid around the house and patio, tying it all together beautifully.

I persuaded him to leave a couple of blocks open for me to grow some herbs in, so hopefully I will have some sage / thyme / whatever flourishing in a few months. (It depends on which ones I can find on the mountain!)

I must admit, he could have picked a warmer week to do the work!

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