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Saturday, 19 November 2011

This is Hallowe'en

Once again, we are into autumn, and it is time for Hallowe'en.

I was hoping to do a pumpkin, but, as no one passes our house and we don't have anywhere outside the gate to park a pumpkin, I didn't do one. Also, one of Jessicas friends does such stunning one's, that I would be put to shame!

This year, there was an historical firework celebration in the town square.

The fireworks from the display in the museum were lit, with accompanying music and explanations. At 2pm, there was a mascleta, with the remainder being lit at 8pm. We duly trekked down for the 2pm display, arriving at 5 minutes to 2 - proper spanish style. (We are almost locals now.) The style of the display was like any other mascleta, with wonderful bangs and booms which we could watch from the safety of the archway under the old town hall. It seemed a bit daft to go all this way for a 5 minute display, but it was nice to see the old fireworks in a traditional location. (Where they were held many years ago.)

Later, we set out to watch the evening display. Arrived a few minutes before it was due to start... disaster. The square was absolutely packed and we couldn't see anything at all. Being tall, both of us are usually ok to stand at the back, but this time, we were 2 streets away (not really, but we might as well have been). We tried to wriggle through the crowd, but there was no chance of seeing much. Then the show began. A man explained everything in a quiet valenciano voice, which I could barely hear, let alone understand. Then came music and the first fireworks were lit. Stunning. From such an old version of something, the effects were simply amazing. I know chemistry is chemistry, and if something fizzes when reacting with something else, that will always be the case, but the effects were really glorious. The colours were very simple, mainly just reds and whites, but the showers of sparks and light were excellent. People standing in the square were shrieking to get away from the cascades of sparks.

We weren't able to see any of the displays fixed to the old town hall wall from where we were, but the taller displays in the square were easily visible. The 'ooos' and 'ahhhs' from everyone showed how good it all was. Fireworks now, tend to be mainly rocket (aerial) displays, so it was good to see such a fantastic display at close quarters. However, it must be said, some of them were at very close quarters, and many people literally ran out of the square on occasions. Maybe we were in the safest spot after all!

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