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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Alton Towers

Timothy took me to Alton Towers for his birthday. (Thank you very much - I think!)

As he has a special pass, we were able to get there by 9am. We went straight on to the Oblivion and then to the Rita Queen of Speed. Now - I have always loved roller coasters etc, as long as they are not too high, but the power of Rita took me by suprise, as you can tell from the picture! 0 - 100 in 2 seconds! Before the ride had even finished, I told Tim "I feel sick". He found it very funny. He was waving his arms around, while I held on in sheer terror!

Next, he took me on Hex, a creepy ride, so well made that I had to sit down afterwards, otherwise I really would have been sick! I made him do the gentle things after that; Sea World, Log flume (Tim got very wet), Rapid ride, then I felt ready enough for the runaway train! After another break, we went on Nemesis (my favourite) but I still felt too ill to go on Air. Tim was very disappointed with me, but I had no intention of being sick in front of my son, even it was his fault!

I really did enjoy the day, even though I needed a lay down later on!

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