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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Paddy in the Pool!

We are slowly working on the pool and poolhouse. We now have power to the pool and pump house, and Ed is currently building the steps in the pool, before we get the new pipework fitted.

The weather has been very wet, so Ed has covered the steps with a tarpaulin to stop the rain causing any problems. On Tuesday morning (very early) Ed heard a terrible noise, but couldn't see what it was. He got up from the chair on the terrace, and saw Max peering into the pool. Oh no. Paddy had stood on the edge of the tarpaulin and slipped, falling into the empty pool.

It was pouring down, but Ed had to go out into the rain, climb down the ladder into the pool and rescue Paddy. The worst thing was, he doesn't like to be picked up, so Poor Ed was struggling with a wriggly dog, in the rain, up a ladder! (I wish I had been awake to see it!)

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