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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jess at the Belen

On the day of the 3 kings, (6th January) I took Jessica to Xativa to see the Belen. This an almost full sized set, representing Bethlehem at the time that Jesus was born. There is a pond, a working water wheel, and lots of planted crops, of various type. Very well done really.

(In most towns, this is a small set-up, not unlike something you might have at your own home!)

It was quite busy, which suprised me, as 6th January is the day on which presents are opened, following the arrival of the kings. (Remember - it was the kings that bought gifts for the baby and they arrived after the birth?)

This time, as well as the goats, turkey, duck, donkey, we actually saw the camel too. He looked a bit tired, as he had probably been used to carry one of the kings the night before!

What I had forgotten, was the man lurking behind the bushes! Terribly graphic and unpleasant! You can see him near the camel.

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