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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Serra Grossa - the hard way

Well, New Year Resolutions are made to be broken, but surely not without at least some attempt at maintaining them?

I had promised myself that I would climb up to the cross behind the house more often. In all honesty, I haven't climbed up since we actually moved here... the only times I have been up, have been by 4 wheel drive! (I did climb up when we holidayed here in 2006)

So... Jessica and I put on our walking boots and trekked off. In actual fact, it wasn't too bad. I had sussed out a few potential and non-potential routes previously so after about 3/4 hour, we had the best view for about 40 miles. It wasn't clear enough to see the sea, but it was still worth the climb through the bushes and over the rocks! (We took the road back down - easy peasy) While we were walking, Jess asked about the shotgun cartridges we had seen - what do they hunt here, just as I responded with 'wild boar' there was a scurry, as 3 rabbits bounded across the track! Thankfully the dogs happened to be on leads at that point, otherwise we might have had to walk to Xativa to get them back.

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