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Friday, 21 January 2011

The 3 Kings

On 5th January, the 3 kings arrive at Bethleham, brining their gifts to baby Jesus. This is still reflected in Spain, with the children receiving their gifts on 5th (from the 3 kings) rather than on 24th December, from Santa Claus. It is also traditional to each a ring shaped cake filled with cream, but we broke with this, and had hot chocotale and pastries instead!

This year, we went to Xativa, to see the procession (Gaballeta?) progress along the main avenue. There were lots of different acts, and the clowns were accompanied by trains, carrying sack-loads of sweets. The children spectating held their carrier bags out, and the clowns filled them up! We stood back at little, as it was so crowded, but Jessica was lucky enough to catch a bag of crisps, as they were thrown into the crowd. (Just before it hit her in the face!)

After the various acts, a simple float, with a huge lit up star came along... follwed by the Kings themselves. Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. Each of them came on a separate camel, followed by a large trunk of (pretend) gold, frankincense and myhrr.

The children were all delighted and, as usual, there was a big display of fireworks afterwards.

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