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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dam Busters

When travelling around a few weeks ago, we took an unplanned rural route over the mountains into the next valley.

It was very scenic, but the sat-nav had us very confused for a long time. Once we had decided which way it was taking us, it was too late to turn back and go a much more sensible way. I'm sure that, mileage wise, the sat nav was right, but it obviously didn't differentiate between country lanes, and dual carridgeways. It would have been much quicker to double back from our intermediary position, and taken a main road to our destination!

For quite some time, we drove through an assortment of villages, before finally ending up at Beniarres reservoir, which we have been to only once before. From here, we took a road I had seen on the map before, but we had never explored.

I am a firm believer in exploring country roads, but there are so many around here that it would take a lifetime to do so. This was one route that we probably won't bother with again!

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