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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Oliva Matinal

Ironically, after all of the rain in England, it is too hot in Spain to ride the bikes. We were lucky recently, and the temperature dropped some 10 degrees, giving us the chance to go to one of the better matinals around, in oliva.

We set off nice and early, and ende up being one of the first bikes there. This was great, as it meant it was easy for us to park. Instead of buying a ticket for the matinal (how many t-shirts can anyone wear) we had breakfast at a bar adjacent to where the club had set up the long tables. This was pretty sneaky, as it gave us good service, with the perk of the music and entertainment laid on by the club!

It was very hot, so I changed into shorts while I was there, which was a good move. We met up with some English people we already knew (Roger & Nina)which was great and then strolled off to look at the stalls and bikes.

Like last year, there was also a commercial sales area, with cars, caravans and bikes for sale, along with an assortment of other stands selling odd things - these seemed to be very charity related, but I'm sure they would have done very well, with such a high number of visitors.

Last year, we lost Ed for a while, and this year, we lost little Paco! There is so much to see, it is easy to get distracted and misplace someone. Thankfully, Emy realised he hadn't come back, so we waited for him, while the other walked off, but then had to wait for us elsewhere.

They are such a good group of peole, that nobody was bothered about the delay and simply asked what was so interesting.

We slowly made our way back to the bikes, by which time it was nealy 1pm. We had a steady ride home, but still stopped at a local bar for a drink, before lunch. To our amusement, it tried to rain, so we moved inside. As usual, the rain lasted about 5 minutes, and evaporated before we had time to get ourselves reorganised.

With the weather the way it is now, I epect it will be a while before we are out and about again.

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