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Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year - New Leaf

My first post in a little while, I know. Sorry to those that follow my mad ramblings.

I have to turn over two new leaves this new year! The first is to make sure I post more often again (although many will understand my lack of enthusiasm in 2012), my second is to revert back to the straight and narrow!

Just before Christmas, I robbed somebody.

I didn't mean to. I went into the tobacconists, to buy a pack of tobacco for Ed. I paid for it (of course) then went to leave. As I was going out, I spotted an 'English' paper on the shelf. A-ha! Hadn't seen one for ages. I picked it up and left the shop. When I got home, I showed Ed the paper. "Look, the free paper was in the shop". "That's not the free one" he told me. The free one was no longer being published. I should have paid for this one.

I felt guilty all Christmas, but today I put things right. I went back to the shop and explained (in Spanish) how I had stolen a paper before Christmas. The two assistants were very confused and both thought that they had misunderstood me. I had to explain again in greater detail, then they both laughed and asked for the 1.95 euros. Apparently, the free paper hasn't been around for ages. I apologised again, but they didn't mind, as it was obviously a genuine mistake and I had owned up.

At least I can go in there again with a clear conscience. It is the only shop in town where I can top up my phone!

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