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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Finishing Touch

Well, we finally got the pool tiled and filled with water, an even managed to get the chemicals sorted out, but, in real terms, the pool still wasn't quite finished.

From the outside, the pool surround was still a rough combination of blocks, bricks and broken cement.

We had been debating for the last few years on how to finish it off. Do we tile it, render it, clad it, or what? I was always happy to simply render it, as that would match the wall beside the pool, but Ed wanted a nicer finish. However, the cladding would probably look bitty, as it was such a small area. Tiling would be expensive, and might also look odd, as the height varies around the pool, due to the necessary fall on the patio. In the end, Ed decided to render it.

It took him a couple of days, due to the weather, but it looks fabulous. Now, I just need to wait for spring, so I can paint it to match the wall.

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