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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Flower Shower

At last, I have got the tiles for the poolside shower done!

I'm quite pleased with the effect, although the trunk is slightly out of proportion to the top of the tree. Still, when it grows, it will balance out! (After all, it will get watered every summer)

For the less observant, you can just spot the shower head projecting from the top of the wall, just under the tiles. The pipework is running through the wall, and the black horizontal part on the tree trunk is the shower on/off handle. The bottom inch or so are below the level that the slabs will be, which is why they look a little uneven (they won't show). The drainage is already in place, behind the wall, ready to be connected up.

Now all we need to do, is get the pipework for the pool, then lay the slabs... buy the pump... filters... pool tiles...

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