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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Hissssing Sid

A couple of day's ago, while Ed was on the terrace, he noticed something strange next to the pool-house. As he looked, he wondered why the hose pipe was laying alonside the house, rather than coiled up around the back. Then, he realised that the 'hosepipe' was coming towards the house, and was about a foot off the floor! He came to fetch me, but as he did so, the snake escaped and we didn't see it again.

Today, however, the dogs were greatly disturbed by something in the garden. Ed assumed it was something down the bottom and went to investigate, but couldn't see anything. On the walk back, Paddy stopped, and wouldn't pass a specific point. Ed turned to look, and then spotted the problem. A full, shed, snakeskin, which had been discarded overnight. It was about 4 1/2 feet long and fully intact. I carefully removed it from the plants that had been used to help shed it. The dogs were not very happy with it, so after taken a couple of photos, we had to get rid of it. (I wanted to take it to school and frighten everyone, but sadly term has now ended!)

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