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Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Last summer, I heard that there was a swimming pool for the townsfolk, but to my shame, I didn't know where it was.

This year, I have put that to rights. The pool opened on Tuesday for the first time, for it's 12 week period of operation. In preparation, I had already acquired my season ticket - no mean feat in itself.

I trotted along on Tuesday morning, along with a friend, and discovered the delights of the open-air 25m pool - with just one other person in it. We both swam for a good while, before changing and going to the cafe. While there, we were invited to their 'grand opening' night, with free food and drink. Needless to say, that was the evening's entertainment organised.

Sure enough, we were plied with food and drink, and had the oportunity to speak to some of the lifeguards as well as the cafe owner. A good introduction for the summer. A stroll around the entire facility led to the dicovery of tennis, badminton and squash courts, five-a-side football pitches and basketball courts. I couldn't see the offices, so I asked about hiring the courts, or was it necessary to be in a club... No, the facilities were entirely free, and if you wanted to use them, then you just turned up and did so. If the part you wanted was already taken, then you just waited. I was very impressed. Although a little rough around the edges, for such a range of sports to be available for no charge is something the UK should consider!

I then realised that the charge for the swimming pool (41€ for a family of 4 for the entire summer), was primarily to cover the cost of the lifeguards.

Seems like a bargain to me!

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