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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Happy Christmas

This year, we have had to have a real Christmas Tree! All of my decorations including the artificial tree are stored in the garage, but recently we have had a furry intruder set up home in the corner where everything is stored. He has left his little messes everywhere and shredded up some of the Christmas things, so I have had to do a bit of a review.

Ed has now bought a rat-trap, but so far, he has eaten all of the cheese put out for him, whilst evading capture. The dgs know there is something there, but they haven't got him yet either.

Still, we had a nice quiet Christmas at home, with John.

We went to the pub at lunchtime, which was nice, as there were lots of people there that we knew. Last year, the Christmas Day menu wasn't very inspiring, but this year it was much better. Maybe it is something to think about for next year?

As we left for the pub, Ed shut the door and said' have you got the keys?' No. Followed by a minor panic as we figured out how to get back in! Then, as we left again, I accidentally let Max out, who then promptly ran off for a walk around the woods. Paddy and I waited, while Ed and John chased him down. They caught him once, but he managed to run off again! Finally, nearly a hour late we got to the pub!

Still, the extra time meant that the turkey was well done.

There was one other problem... I had decided to make individual Banoffee Pies for pudding. I had done the base, and the caramel (ready made Dulce de Leche) then put the bananas on; John offered to whip the cream... but I had bought the wrong cream - it was slightly sour, for cooking, not sweet, for puddings! (Good job I had ice-cream available on stand-by) Oh well - everyone had eaten so much, we didn't want pudding anyway!

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