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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Practically Perfect Patio

Ed and Jamie have done really well, and have pretty much finished the patio.

Well, to be honest, the patio IS finished, and so is most of the floor inside the poolhouse. Now, all that is left, are the cuts around the sides and inside the shower-room. Even the toilet is in place, although not plumbed in yet. (Ed has put an old towel in it, so I don't think anyone will use it by accident!)

The whole thing looks really lovely. The night time photo is a little bright, as there is no cover on the light in the poolhouse yet, nor are the blades to the fans screwed on. Once the final cuts are done, and the joints sealed, then the final touches can be put into place.

Pleased? That doesn't even begin to say how happy I am - both with the project itself, and the quality of the finish!

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