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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Going, going, (nearly) gone

After a great deal of debate, we have decided to paint the house white!

How boring? Well, true, but here any nice colour soon fades and coloured paint is also horrendously expensive. Not only is white cheaper, it is available everywhere, whereas coloured paint (in large volumes) is best ordered in as a special purchase.

The pink that was done here a few years ago, was so faded that it certainly made me think twice. To be honest, we both wanted a nice soft caramel colour, but since the houses on both sides are yellow, ours would have been a bit inconspicuous anyway.

So, white it is. This also gives the advantage of refreshing just a single wall at any time, without having to re-do the whole thing.

Thankfully, last week was reasonably dry, So Ed has attacked with a vengence. It's looking really good, although another coat is needed. Even visitors to the neighbour thought it looked great! The underbuild still needs to be done, but it won't be this week, as we have snow forcast again for tomorrow. The next job, will be to clad the bottom meter of the house against the winter weather!

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