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Saturday, 27 March 2010

What Service?!

Ed decided to give the kubota a service, as he knew was going to be doing quite a bit of tracking in the near future. He had oil filters, but no filters for the diesel or tracks. Not a problem; when we went to Cocentaina for the Medievel Fayre, we had spotted a Kubota Dealership. Ed trotted off to Cocentaina and ordered filters and oil. He took his manual with him, so that they knew exactly what he wanted (part numbers etc). No problem, they said, everything would be here on Monday. He even left them a business card, with his phone number, so that everything was as easy as possible for them.

Monday came and went, with no phone call. Tuesday, we decided to go over anyway and see if the goods had arrived. Ed went into the shop and came out 5 minutes later, with no oil, no filters, and just his manual. 'We can't get the parts' was the excuse! What! That's a bit like going to the Post Office and they don't have access to any stamps!

Very disappointed (and somewhat confused) Ed tried the tiny motorbike repair shop in l'Olleria. (The chap that owns it repairs anything with a motor - rotovators, chainsaws etc) Once again, he had his handbook with him. Vincent simply wrote down the part number and phoned there and then. The filters would be there the next day, along with the oil. And they were.

Ed thinks, that the first shop didn't order them because he was English, or because the parts and oil were quite expensive (although he knew that) and they probably thought he wouldn't pay for them. Either way, once again, we have found that the little shops are the ones with the best service and anything we can buy locally, we will. Long live the little man!

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