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Monday, 5 April 2010

The Caterpillar Plant

Who hasn't, as a child, cultivated the wonderous caterpillar plant (otherwise known as a nasturtium)?

This year, I have planted lots of them, but I was determined that mine wouldn't be eaten by the infamous Cabbage White. How wrong can I be? Close inspection has revealed a host of tiny eggs on the leaves. They may be only 1/2 a millimitre long at the moment, but I know they will decimate my lovley flowerpot man.

So far, I have picked off 4 contaminated leaves. (Although, as Ed rightly pointed out, I could have simply washed them with mild soapy water!) It is easy enough to keep track of the ones in the tub, but the one's planted in the front garden may be harder to control. The neighbours would have a field day, if they saw me sat in the garden, washing the leaves of the plants!

Oh well, fingers crossed that we don't have any new eggs laid, or none that hatch and soon we will have a wonderful show of yellow and orange flowers.

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