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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

WSBK Valencia

Having got the bikes back on the road, we took the opportunity to go and see the World Superbike Championships in Valencia this weekend.

It was a lovely blue sky that greeted us as we set off and remained the same colour all day. The ride there was quite uneventful, most of it being along the A-7. However, for several miles, we passed through acres of blossoming orange groves and the heavy scent of the blossom was wonderful. (Probably missed by the car drivers, in their little boxes.) We arrived in plenty of time and there was no queue to buy tickets. Even the security check was little more than cursory. (Unlike the MotoGP, where there may be 10,000 people trying to get in at 8am, when the gates open.)

We had a really good day, with great grandstand seats. There happened to be 4 Brits in front of us which was nice and the Spanish chap beside me was very pleasant (although not very forthcoming, when I tried to chat with him in Spanish! Maybe he didn't understand me!)

I got lost on one of the roundabouts on the way out, making the 3 Guardia laugh as I went passed them twice, with Ed following, but we had the last laugh a little later, as we filtered through all of the heavy traffic on the motorway.

We got home just in time to watch the MotoGP on TV (which Rossi won), making it a perfect day out.

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