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Monday, 5 April 2010

Feliz Pascua

We had a nice Easter this year, although we didn't go to any of the Easter parades this time.

The weather was very nice and we had a friend from a nearby village visit us for lunch, with her 2 dogs. Paddy and Max were overjoyed to have 2 playmates. They behaved very well and simply spent the whole day running around in the garden. At one point, the little visitor had disappeared. I was very concerned, as he was possibly small enough to get out through the bigger fencing at the bottom of the garden. We called and called, but he didn't appear. Quickly (but casually, I hoped) I walked to the poolhouse. Sure enough, the poor little thing had been shut in the unfinished bathroom, and none of us had noticed.

She left late in the afternoon, but by 9pm, Paddy and Max had already taken themselves off to bed!

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