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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Concurs de Paelles

On Thursday night, was a paella cook-off. This is sponsored by the town hall. You have to pay a nominal entry fee, and then you are allocated a spot to cook your paella. The firewood is provided, and the cost of the main ingredients is reimbursed. If you have a secret ingredient (ie, virgin saffron) then it is up to you to provide it!

Most people turned up at about 9:30pm, bringing chairs and tables (and nibbles) while the enthusiasts went to work.

The wood-smoke was terrible at times, but there was music playing and around 2,000 people, with everyone having a great time.

Our paella (cooked by Mark & Paul) didn't win, but at least the Brits put in an entry! A bit more practice required (cooking on wood) and maybe next year we will get a prize!

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