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Sunday, 26 September 2010


Oh well, with some degree of inevitability, my bike has finally ended up something other than 'shiney side up'.

Went to meet some friends that live on a hill and parked outside their garage. Fully aware that you should NEVER park a motorbike facing downhill, I made the mistake of doing so. I got off, said 'hi' and within 10 seconds or so, it moved. I watched Paco's face change, and knew why, but as I turned around (in some mis-guided idea of catching it) I found myself laying on the floor, with the bike on top of me!

Oh well, if you're going to do it, do it in front of a load of chaps! At least they picked it back up quickly enough. It seemed to be ok, after losing a little water, so we all set off on a trip. However, when we got to our destination, there was oil on my left boot. Not good.

Close inspection the next day, revealed a hairline crack in the alternator casing, (and a broken indicator mounting) so it has gone off to Vincent's for repair.

I'm cross with myself for my stupidity, but greatful that it was only my bike that was involved. Plus, after 10 years accident free, it was about time I did something to make my mark on it!

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