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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Entradetes de Filaes

On Wednesday and Thursday evening (midnight!) the moors and christian filas did their rehearsal parades. This year, they were split over 2 nights, with the moors doing one night and the christians the other.

I thought I saw one of my students in one troupe, but then I thought I saw him again later in another one! They all look the same in their nightgowns! However, when I spoke to him on Thursday, he confirmed to me that the first one had been him! At least I knew where to look for him in the main (Saturday) parade now.

On the Thursday night, we arrived a little late, but, as the parade is so slow, Ed and I raced through the bck streets, and managed to get ahead of the first fila. Perfect. Within just a few minutes, Ed said; "There's Lorena" and sure enough, I saw the one person I was loking for. She saw us too, and waved like mad! That won't be permitted on the Saturday.

When they had finished their parade, just outside the health centre, the band suddenly started up again, and then walked through the narrow streets, with everyone following (just like the Pied Piper), off to their Fila for another party.

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