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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter Monday

On Sunday evening, we were asked once again to coffee at our friends house. This time, I took a german cheese cake with me. This was actually quite cruel, because one of our number has been put on a diet. We all sat there with cake, and someone sat there with a yoghurt! (Yes, I know, it should have been me!)

We all watched the MotoGP, with typical Spanish volume. Shouting and arguing about everyone and everything. Brilliant fun. Then, it was arranged that we all go out for a picnic on Monday teatime. Meet at 5, bringing a packed tea. Soon, the time was changed to 4pm, as we realised that no one goes anywhere on time!

We duly packed our goodies and turned up. We were going to the town picnic area. 4 cars, about 14 people! Goodness me - I have never seen so many people in the picnic area. It was packed. Evidently this is the thing to do on Easter Monday. A normal spanish discussion ensued, and we all piled back into the cars, and went to the picnic area above the tunel. Clever move. There was nobody else ther at all. (Although, to be fair, they may have been put off by the two separate no-entry and no-vehicles signs leading up to the site.) We unpacked and set out a feast fit for 20 people.

The weather was wonderful. Clear blue skies and about 25 degrees. A policeman came and investigated, and simply waved at us and then went back. A little later, some other families came to the same site, and had their picnics too. We stayed there until the sun went over the mountain, at around 7pm. It quickly turned cool, but everyone had had a wonderful time.

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