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Thursday, 12 April 2012

9 Months in the Making

So... last summer they started to build the new indoor swimmingpool. Within a reasonably short period of time, it was finished.

So, then we wait. And wait. And wait.

I knew there had been a leakage issue, but that was fixed by the end of August. I popped in to the town hall to find out anything, but was told, "In a few weeks". But still we waited.

I had a friend of a friend that works at the council sports department, and understood that the town hall were waiting for a particular piece of paper, before they would hand over the money to the builders. And so we wait.

New Year. Still waiting.

Fallas. Still waiting.

Easter approaches - shock, horror. I need to sit down. I've been handed a few sheets of paper with tarrifs, times and programmes on it! The pool opens on 2nd April. Is this some April Fools joke? No.

It's a bit pricey, but I guess they have to make their money back somehow. I didn't go on the first day, but, on the Wednesday, I bimbled in at about 10:30am. As I expected, this was a good time to go. There was nobody in! The changing rooms are nice and airy, but if you are shy, there is only one cubicle to change in!

I dived in at the end with the diving blocks, and promptly lost my hat (everyone has to wear them!). As I swan back for it, my foot just touched the bottom of the pool. Odd. I swam to the other end and stopped to put my hat on. Chest deep. Hmm. Quite deep for a shallow end. Back to the diving blocks. Also chest deep. Interesting. The 'plug' is in the middle. I've never come across that in a public pool before.

The lifeguards were of the usual Spanish standard - in that there was nobody poolside. Maybe they have a camera on the pool to watch everyone, but I doubt it very much. As I neared the end of my 32 lengths, another lady came in. Then, just as I finished, a third lady. As there are lane ropes in, it was wonderful.

I went again earlier this week, but shock - there was a man already in the pool before I got there! Did he not know that I count this as my personal training area?! I timed this one well too, as, when I got out, about 4 grannies and their grandchildren got in. School holidays! Schools go back again soon, so I will keep going twice a week. If it were cheaper, I would go more often, but twice is good enough for me. Let's see what happens over the summer holidays - hopefully both pools will be operating, with classes in the indoor one, and leisure swimming outdoors.

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