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Thursday, 12 April 2012


Sadly, i didn't have a programme for the Easter activities this year, so I missed out on quite a lot.

I thought that the 'pasos' we taken into town on Friday night, so Ed and I bimbled off to watch them. It turned out that there were taken to town on Thursday, and the full parades took place all day on Good Friday.

We missed everything at the church at lunch-time, but at least we got to see the parade in the evening. There were 7 pasos parading around the old streets, sometimes barely wide enough for everyone to pass by.

There was Mary, mother of Jesus, Jesus carrying the cross, a small paso that I couldn't identify, Mary Magdelene, Jesus on the cross, another paso with someone else (who looked like Pontius Pilot, but it couldn't possibly have been him!) and finally a paso with Jesus laying inside a (glass) tomb.

Once they finished their walks of pennance, they returned to the church, and several of the pasos were taken back inside with everyone clapping as the entered.

Some of the others are housed elsewhere, and these returned to their base too. The one of Jesus on the cross being in a small hermita near the church, the one of Mary Magdelene returning to the monestary near us. (This last one was put on a wheeled trolley, and pushed back to the monestary, since it is a long way.)

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