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Saturday, 2 March 2013

A New Geocacher

Tim, Jess and I took Abbie geocaching.

This was a new experience for her and turned out to be a good day. The weather stayed bright and dry although a little cold. She was also the most sensible one, and had wellies! Our first cache was along part of the Staffordshire Way, which was a trek through squishy muddy bit of footpath, before finding the hidden treasure. This was a particularly nice one, so it was a great introduction for her.

We then drove around the staffordshire countryside, jumping in and out of the car and hunting behind hedges and under fence-posts. We actually had quite a successful day, only failing to find two out of the 10 or so that we looked for. We even found one that Tim and I had searched for before, but had not been able to find. I suspect that someone had removed it when we looked before - maybe not - it was a bit buried, which is not the idea - but we got it in the end!

It is certainly a lot easier with the app on a phone! I have to print out the information before I set out, but Jess and Tim simply pulled up the nearest ones, and off we went. We did struggle with one. We all had an idea of what we were looking for, but we were wrong. Tim and Jess found it with some determination and were impressed with it when they finally figured it out.

I often think I should put a few more out, but I would like to make some clever hiding places, rather than just putting a box in a hollow spot somewhere. I have some ideas, but I'll have to get Ed crafting in the garage. We will see.

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