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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Schloss Droyssig

We can't visit Droyssig without a visit to see the bears. Jess had her 'bear hat' on, so off we went, to see if they were around.

When we got there, the compound was empty, but then one of the bears came out. Evidently, they had been left some food, as the second bear came out too a little later. It appeared that they had a chicken carcass as well as some veggies, but they pretty much ignored us as they munched away.

I know it is a sad state of affairs to have the bears in such a small enclosure - even though it is 3 times bigger than it used to be - but I was glad to see that the locals come and see the bears too. They are a very traditional part of the village and they are well looked after.

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