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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Happy Birthday v2

Having had one celebration in Germany, we then had another birthday party for mum back in England.

We had a lovely meal at home, with the table positively groaning with food as usual. It was very sad, as Dad was no longer with us, but we moved the chairs around, so that there was no head of the table, which made it a little easier to bear.

This time, Tim had invited his girlfriend Abbie, which was lovely. I hope she didn't feel too interrogated, but equally, we didn't want to ignore her. I'm sure she felt a bit out of it at times, as we had so very many in-house jokes, but she seemed to take it in her stride.

To make up for the lack of pudding in Germany, we had done our usual selection of at least 3 options. However - they are not really options. They all taste so good, that it is necessary to have at least one portion of each! (As well as a secret spoonful or three when taking the dishes back out to the kitchen afterwards.)

And yes - Red Cross Parcels were given out at the end of the night. (ie, the leftovers were distributed to everyone!)

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