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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Comedy Parade

Dragged ourselves out again at midnight, ready for the Comedy Parade.

Sad to say - what a poor show this year. The parade was much smaller than in previous years and the floats were not much more than tractors or small trucks with bits of card on them.

This is not meant as a criticism. There is no money around now, to spend on decorating a truck or trailer. The little money that can be spared, is used for the costumes, to show a team effort. And an effort there still is. There were fewer political floats this year and quite a lot of plain funny ones. Everyone still made it a fun occasion. The bands were as noisy as ever - no chance of sleep for anyone this week. On top of that, it still took 1 1/2 hours for them to pass by.

I had no idea what some of the other things represented. Two of the troupes had lots of rabbit that lay on the ground randomly. No idea why. There was also a lot of references to the police, but something else has evidently passed me by.

The most effective one, had a working BBQ on it, and they were actually cooking as they went. The smell was wonderful! The funniest thing I saw, was a man dressed up in full safety gear, with harness etc - the thing was, his safety line was attached to a supermarket trolley (being pushed by someone else) full of drinks for the troupe!

The final float was very clever. They had made a giant book (copies available to purchase from the Town Hall) depicting the l'Olleria Festes and each of the troupe were dressed as either a page in the book, or one of the events. Needless to say, the festival queen was a man in drag!

Once they had all passed by, we bimbled up to the park, where the band had already started. I felt sorry for them. Most of the youngsters would be drinking in their filas, rather than watching the band. Still - they get paid to play until 5 am, so they do.

I think we need a sleep this afternoon - so might well miss the horse display. Never mind.

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