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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fiesta Time

And it's that time again... l'Olleria en Festes

Friday 23rd was the first night of celebrations, with the crowning of the Queen, along with the proclamation of the festeras and members of the courts.

Saturday 24th - Comedy Parade
Sunday 25th - Horsemanship Display, then the Bulls
Monday & Tuesday - Bulls
Wednesday - Bulls and Brotherhood (Fila) Parade
Thursday - Paella Night and Fila Parade
Friday - Offering of Flowers
Saturday 31st - Moors & Christians Parade
Sunday - Children's Parade
Monday - 2 Battles
Tuesday - Parade and Children's Show
Wednesday - All back to normal!

We strolled into town to watch the festival queens walk up the town in their finery. There was a lot of organised chaos around the main square, then, they were paraded through the town to the park. It was lovely. They were led by some of the filas, then there were the little girls and then the 18 year olds.

As they all walked up the main street to the park, their families and friends followed. We spotted all sorts of people that we knew. The parents of Anna chatted to us, and then we saw Rafa and his beautiful daughter (9 months old already). His sister Lorena and wife (another Anna) were there too. It was lovely to chat to them all.

We stopped for a drink before wandering up to the park and once were were there, we spotted Paco and Victoria. It was an excellent social night.
Once again, we will have our paella with Paco's family, which will be lovely. (He makes such a good paella, he's won the competition in the past.)

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