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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Loop the Loop

Jessica wanted to do a big loop of geo-caches that she and Sutty had not been able to finish around the village of Church Broughton. Tim came too, so it ended up being a lovely Sunday out. To be honest, we were a bit disorganised. We did have a litre of water each, I did have a pencil and my camera, but that was about it. No bags to put our rubbish in, no jackets in case it rained, no first aid kit in case of nettles or wasp stings! Thankfully, none of the emergency stuff was needed.

We had trouble parking, as there was some sort of posh event going on, but we found a spot that was safe enough. The first cache took me just seconds to spot, but I couldn't get the log out, as it was damp. A stroll through a field, and Tim found the second cache. Once again, it was too damp to sign. This wasn't looking very good.

The circuit turned out to be a 4 hour stroll through fields and over brooks, which was really lovely. Sometimes, the footpath was difficult to find but were were careful not to damage anything and, if challenged we would have simply asked for the right path. Only once did we get asked, when a lady asked if we were lost. I explained, and she pointed to the corner of the field, where the stile was hidden from our view, purely by the thickness of the hedge.
We encountered all sorts of sights. Beautiful views, lovely houses, and mostly easy-to-find caches. Not all of them were in need of maintenance, so it was a very successful day out.

As we finally returned to the village, we encountered a Tractors Day Out in the pub. Great stuff.

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