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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cova Sant Nicolau

There is a cave in the hillsides around l'Olleria which was used from palaeolithic times to the Muslim era. It has underground passages and limestone walls. It is called the Cova Sant Nicolau. There are signposts leading you up into the hills to find it, but the signs run out!

The nearest one Tim, Lauren and Ed could find, said 0.4 km to the cave. They followed the path, but the next one they came to said 1.9km - back the way they had come!

Today, Ed has gone back for another look, and actually found the cave. There was a signpost with no signs on it, and this is pretty much where the cave is. However, the cave is below the pathway, and it is very difficult to climb down to it (and even harder to climb back up). Perhaps the council decided that for safety reasons, they wouldn't actually indicate the location of the cave! Ed took some fabulous photo's of the reservoir at Bellus, and even Xativa Castle from the south. (Click on the picture for the detail)

The picture of the cave, has Ed's 'snake scareing stick' outside the entry, which is 5ft long. Incredible that it took so long to find it, when it is so big. He didn't venture down any of the holes. He was certain that as well as a torch, a set of crampons and a rope would be a good idea.

Well done him, for his determination!

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