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Monday, 18 May 2009

Turn to Dust

What a strange few days...

On Friday, I wanted to mow the lawn. Ed was out working, so I primed the fuel, then pulled the starter - disaster, the cord was worn, and the outer coating suddenly tore, and all collected up inside the mower. Oh Dear. I had to wait for him to come home and mend it.

On Saturday, I drove into town. I opened my window, but as I closed it, there was a big clunk, and the window went back up at 90 degrees the wrong way! It was actually sticking out of the car, into the road, as I was driving along! I managed to get the glass back inside the door, but had to leave the window open, while I went into the supermarket! Oh Dear. I had to get Ed to fix it later.

Sunday, I was reading a book on the sunlounger, but Paddy decided to climb up on the adjustable back-rest. I knew he was too heavy for it, and tried to get him off. Suddenly there was a big bang, and the arms shot up into the air, and little pieces flew everywhere. Oh Dear. "Ed..."

I think I'll spend tomorrow in bed so I can't break anything!

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