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Friday, 22 May 2009

Moli Canyar (Potries)

Today, we had lunch at the Moli Canyar (at Potries) - proper Spanish food, buffet style. They seem to have squeezed a few more tables and chairs in, but they have also covered all of the chairs, and it still looks very nice. Also, the price was still 9€ + drinks.

The salads were still nice and fresh, the paella was lovely and there was a good choice of main meals. Tim complained that his paella was a little cold, so when I got mine, I popped it in the microwave! There were several pasta dishes as well today, Lauren had a lovely looking canalloni, but when I went for one, it was all gone. I made do with pasta and a round thing that looked like a pineapple fritter, but was actually fish! (It was very tasty.)

As usual, Tim sampled most of the puddings ~ I think he had 5 today.

Afterwards, we went for a nice stroll around the garden, before going on to Gandia.

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