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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Castles in the Air

We went to Benidorm for the afternoon recently. It seems funny to say that, but for us of course, it is only an hour or so away - a bit like living in Nottingham, and going to Skeggy!

We soon conducted the business we needed to do, and then strolled along the beach front, and through the old town. The castle in the photo has misty bits, as there were actually garden sprinklers built into the castle, to stop it drying out. It made it look quite ethereal.

I'm so used to the Spanish waiters now, that it was very odd to be greeted by 'hola/hello/guten tag' as the waiter checked out where we were from! I ordered in Spanish, but he was obviously good at his job, and chatted in English, without any offence. Strangely, he got our order wrong, and bought two beers, even though I had ordered Fanta limon, so he left the extra beer for Ed and didn't add it to the bill. That's the kind of service I like.

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