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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Festes - Comedy Parade

It seems strange having a shower at 11pm, getting ready to go out, but, since the parade wasn't due to start until midnight, that seemed like the right thing to do!

The parade was great fun. Many of the participants had political points of view and some of them were simply outragous, but they all raised a smile.

I think the most politically significant one, was a float consisting of a long table, surrounded by chairs, as though for a meeting, on which brooms were placed. The idea being the symbolic 'sweeping out' of the current political party, ready for the next.

Somewhat outrageous, was a 'tribute' to Michael Jackson. The float was led by 5 men with blackened faces and huge afro haircuts, and on the float itself, was an open casket, surrounded by flowers and tributes. The casket contained 'Michael' who occasionally rose and waved his hat to the crowd. Immediately behind, was a group of zombies, along with another MJ, that danced to the Thriller music. Superbly done, probably the best float there.

The most unnerving (!) was a troupe of male dancers, doing a 'dance of the 7 veils'. They were led by men dressed as a tropical island. I'm not quite sure about the masculinity of some of them, as they certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves (although one or two looked a little uncomfortable)!

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