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Friday, 21 August 2009

Xativa - August Fayre

For the last five days, there has been a street fayre in Xativa. The main Avenue has been closed to traffic, and market salls and fun fair rides have taken the place of cars and taxis.

There was everything available, from artisan cheeses, to walking sticks. (Actually, I think I saw some yucca plants too!)

Some of the funfair rides looked great, but we didn't bother to try them out (although we did recommend them to people we met).

Last night was the final night, and there was a live concert (free) in the football stadium, followed by fireworks. It was such a warm night, that at 9pm, the temperature was still 37 degrees. We finally got home at about 2am, and our outside thermometer still read 25+.

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