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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Festes - Ying Yang

After the comedy parade, there was a live band in the park called Ying Yang. They didn't get started until 1:30 am and they were still going strong when we left at about 3 am.

It took a little while for the crowds that had been lining the streets to filter to the park, but once they had got there, things certainly livened up. Although many of the songs were in Spanish, so we didn't know them, it was quite apparent that the group were singing very popular songs, as the crowd joined in for most of them, and everyone had a lovley time, dancing and singing.

One funny thing, as we went back to our car, I noticed a young lady sitting on the pavement near our car. As I pressed the fob, to unlock it remotely, she said something to someone I couldn't see. As Ed walked around to the kerb side of the car, he looked down and smiled, as another girl moved away from the car. Once we had got in, I asked Ed "was she having a pee?" He laughed and said that it appeared as though she was about to! Poor girl - of all the places to hide behind, she picked the only thing that was about to move!

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