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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

And the Winner of the Award Is...

A few weeks ago, for homework, we were given the topic 'Intergenerational Convivience in the School for Adults' and asked to write something. What an obscure topic. Apparently, this year is the 25th anniversary of the Adult School. I wrote a few paragraphs, and Lyndsey wrote a story about how she learnt spanish in the bars, before going to the school.

To our astonishment, both of our tales were picked, and published in the local annual magazine, along with a selection of others from all of the different schools in the valley. (The Val d' Albaida is very big)

Today, we went to Cocentaina (where the medieval fayre is held in November) to be presented with certificates. Lyndsey and I had no idea what was going to happen nor did the teachers! In the end, some 300 people turned up for the presentations, in a hall.

As well as the usual speeches, there was a choir, a band, a strange act with an old lady and a thief (!) and some badly dressed clowns. The lady that had organised it burst into tears when she did her speech.

One by one, each of the villages was called up, and the names of the winners read out, as they went forward to receive their certificate and prize. Although a lot of it was spoken in Valenciano, it was simple enough to understand. Suddenly, one of our teachers jumped up and shouted "l'Olleria" and made Lyndsey and I run to the stage! I hadn't heard our name being called by the compare, so I didn't understand what was happening. Apparently, they had got to the end of the presentations and missed us out! How funny.

We were then taken on stage, and our prizes given to us - everyone thought it was so funny, I think we had the loudest clap of all.

The book we were given, contained all of the contributions by everybody in the Valencia district. At last, my name in print.

(In the second photo is Marie-Jose our teacher - wearing the sunglasses)

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