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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mad Max

Last week, the dogs escaped out of the garden. This time, I decided to play cool and, sure enough after about 20 minutes, I heard the sound of their chains, as they returned. However, they managed to out-smart me, and just as I was shutting the gate, they both dived out again! Still, another 15 minutes and they were back, safe and sound.

Today, we have had a new telegraph pole installed opposite our gate. When I returned from night classes, I couldn't get in the gate, as there was a lorry parked in the lane. Just as I was parking outside a neighbours gate, Ed (and a gaggle of assorted workmen / neighbours etc) shouted that it was ok, the lorry had moved down. I revered back, and clicked the button to open the gate, just as Ed launched forward... the dogs promptly ran through the gap and off into the woods opposite. It was really funny to see; 5 or 6 men running after the dogs.

Oh well... they'll be back in a little while. True enough after just 10 minutes, they returned, however, with all of these people outside the gate, they decided not to go in. They ran around a little, never very far away.

Soon, the workers and everyone else disappeared, but there was no sign of Paddy and Max returning. Ed and I went into the house, and just moments later, the little boy from next door buzzed the gate, and shouted something about the dogs being 'down below', but I didn't catch everything. As I grabbed the gate keys, and went up the drive, I saw both dogs being shepherded (just like sheep) into the garden by the little boy, his father just behind. As soon as they were inside the garden, I shut the gate. Max was sopping wet. Apparently, he had fallen into a water supply, which was several feet deep, and couldn't get out. Paddy had been barking at him, which the neighbours had heard, and the father had hauled him out. I couldn't believe it. The daft dog then spent the next 1/2 hour happily running around the garden, having cooled off, as though it was all a great big adventure! Grrr

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