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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Starry, starry night

I hope you like my photo. I know it's not brilliant, but please bear in mind, that this is a normal pocket camera, even though I have taken some good shots with it!

The attached, is a photo of the moon, stars, planets, satellites, and the shuttle! Honestly! (Well, sort of)

On the left, is obviously the moon. Next to it, is Venus. These two can currently been seen in the evening, around dusk. To the right of the photo, the light at the top is Capella (the 3rd brightest star in the northern hemisphere) and just below it, is the ISS (International Space Station). I can also claim that the shuttle is on the photo too, as, at the moment, the shuttle Atlantis is linked to the space station, on it's final voyage. (Looking at the NASA web-site, I think there is another satellite with them too, called Progress, but I could be wrong!)

For those that are actually interested, on 22nd May, it will be possible to see Mars, Saturn, & Venus, as well as the moon at around the same time. I must remember to get the binoculars out, to see if I can see the rings on Saturn. (Saturn will be closest to the moon)

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