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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Neighbours

Opposite our gate, we have a run-down cassita (house) owned by a very old couple, that we have only seen 3 times in the last 3 years. Recently, we spotted a lot of activity but couldn't decide exactly what was happening.

Unlike the nosey spanish, we simply wondered and waited to see what happened. (The spanish, in contrast, quite literally stand at the fence when something is happening, and pass comment until they know all of the ins and outs!)

One day, the 'builders' appeared at our gate, asking (in spanish) about Ed and the digger. They didn't look much like builders to me, more like enthusiastic DIYers. However, this was just before a few bank holidays and we didn't see them again for a little while.

Recently, Ed saw them again, and went up for a chat. He returned with a big grin. He had had a nice chat (in English) and they were a couple in their 30's, doing the house up, ready to move into. In the meantime, they have a house in the town.

Last weekend, they chopped down the overgrown conifer hedging. This has made a big difference to us too! We can now see across to the road that leads up to the top of the mountain, as well as see the old run-down bar in the cleft between the two valleys separating ours from Xativa. This area is called Foya del Port, which, before the tunnels were built, was the main way through into this valley.

I will have to trek up the mountain again, and take a photo from there. I think our house will still be hard to spot, but if Ed parks his truck in the right place, I should be able to pick it out! (Watch this space...!)

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