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Sunday, 18 July 2010

British Superbikes, Mallory

When we were in the Uk recently, we were able to catch up with many friends, at the British Superbikes at Mallory Park.

We had a wonderful day. The weather was good, the racing excellent and the company outstanding. It was as though we hadn't seen each other, for just a few weeks. The usual suspects were there, and everyone was prepared to joke and jest just as in the past.

Sadly, we haven't yet found any similar smaller race circuits in Spain. Here, the tendency is to ride out on a Sunday morning, not watch others racing. There is a good established championship here, but many of the events are held at the big circuits, such as Jerez, Valencia, Albacete etc.

Still, bit by bit, we are finding out about local clubs and the like, so we are meeting new bikers, even though we don't always understand them!

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